How to promote digital merchant payments via mobile

More digital merchants want their customers to pay through digital options, but how do you encourage your customers to change the way they spend their money? Here are some tips that you can try to encourage your customers to make mobile digital merchant payments.


Let Your Clients Know That It Is an Option

Your customers may not know that they can pay for your products and services using online payment methods. They may prefer traditional bank transfers or cash on delivery, but there is a good chance that they do not know you offer digital payment options. Make sure you display what types of payment you accept on your website or app, preferably in a spot where people can easily see it. That way, your customers will learn that they can use alternative methods to pay for your products or services.

Show the Convenience

Digital transfers are usually more convenient than other payment options, but not all your consumers may know that. They may be used to typical bank payments and paying for deliveries when they arrive, so they may not realize how convenient it can be. For instance, you can show how quickly you can confirm orders when they use digital payment methods over bank transfers and cash on delivery. You can also show a quick infographic about how to pay for your products/services using digital money options to show them how easy it is.

If you use other digital transfer apps to accept payments, like Venmo or PayPal, show your customers how easy it is to set up and use these digital transfer apps. For instance, it is estimated about 5 billion people have mobile phones, so you can state that you can easily download and sign up for these apps and use them to pay for your business’s services/products.

Offer Deals

Offering deals is an enticing way for customers to use certain options. For instance, let us say that you want your clients to use PayPal instead of cash on delivery options. You can offer a discount on shipping or the product/service itself if they choose PayPal, but they would have to pay the normal price if they choose cash on delivery. This is a simple yet effective way to encourage your customers to go for digital payments.

Another incentive you could try is a contest or raffle. For instance, each purchase they make using a digital payment can instantly sign them up for a raffle. However, they will not be able to join the raffle if they use other payment methods. Some popular shopping apps offer points to people who use digital payments so they can “earn” money while they are spending, so you could offer points or coupons for digital payments, but not for the other payment methods. 

Can I Just Remove Other Payment Methods?

The simplest method to get more digital payments is to remove other payment methods from your business. However, it can be difficult since you will exclude part of your client base. Therefore, it would be best to make it appealing for your customers to use digital payments instead of excluding the other options altogether. 

Encouraging customers to opt for digital payments is a lot easier than you think, especially when you try out the tips above.