Healthcare Advisory Committee


To act as a liaison between the County of Prince Edward and the health service providers within the municipality; to support “needs and services matching” within the municipality; to improve understanding and communications between Council, the community and health service providers; and, to advise Council on health care matters requiring municipal attention.

Healthcare Advisory Committee Terms of Reference or visit the Quinte Health Care website.

Meeting Dates

At a minimum of every three months, to be held at Shire Hall.


For the term of Council or until reappointed.


The Committee shall be composed, as follows:

  • Mayor
  • One (1) Councillor
  • Site Administrator of McFarland Home for the Aged
  • Vice President-Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive of Quinte Health Care (and/or alternate)
  • One (1) member of Board of Directors of Prince Edward Health Alliance (PEHA)
  • Two (2) citizen representatives
  • One (1) physician or nurse practitioner practicing within the municipality

Committee Members

Southeast Health Line

Southeast Community Care Access Centre

Southeast Community Care Access Centre - Levels of Care