Marinas / Boat Launches


Picton Marina and Harbour

Location: 1 Head Street, Picton
Hours of Operation: Open 8 am - 6 pm every Monday – Friday from the May long weekend until Labour Day. After Labour Day, open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm, until Thanksgiving weekend (Oct. 8).
Contact: After hours, please call for marina attendant upon arrival.
Monday-Friday, 7 am - 3:30 pm, call 613.476.2148 ext. 4026 / Evenings and Sundays, call 613.476.6505  
Harbour Services: Boat launch, fuel (high test and diesel), transient docking, washrooms/showers and pump out station
Rates & Fees: 

  • Launch Fee $15.00 (HST included)
  • Seasonal Launch Permit $80.00 (+HST)
  • Seasonal Launch Permit (half season after August 1) $40.00 (+HST)
  • Pump-outs $24.00 (+HST)
  • Overnight Docking (water/hydro included) $1.70/linear foot (+HST)
  • Overnight Docking (water/hydro not included) $1.65/linear foot (+HST)
  • Annual fees charged for private and commercial use docks at Picton Harbour $125.00 + $1.20/linear foot (+HST)
  • Seasonal Moorings $135.00 (+HST)

Wellington Harbour

Location: 151 Main Street, Wellington
Hours of Operation: Call 613.242.3776
Harbour Services: Boat launch, transient/seasonal docking, fuel (regular only), monitors VHF Channel 68, washrooms/showers
Rates & Fees: All applicable taxes are included in rates, unless otherwise indicated

  • Launch Fee $15.00 (HST included)
  • Seasonal Launch Permit $80.00 (+ HST)
  • Seasonal Launch Permit (half season after August 1) $40.00 (+ HST)
  • Overnight Docking – includes water & hydro $1.70 per ft (+ HST)
  • Season Dock – includes water & hydro (greater of per foot or minimum charge) $44.50 per ft or $1,100.00 minimum

Boat Launches

The County offers a number of municipal boat launches located throughout Prince Edward County:

Big Island Launch

Location: Robinson’s Cove County Road 21
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Glendon Green Boat Launch

Location: Off County Road 18 at the South West end of East Lake
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Mabel Kleinsteuber Launch

Location: 1260 County Road 12
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Northport Launch

Location: Centennial Park – 1417B County Road 15 in Northport
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Picton Marina

Location: 1 Head Street, Picton
Amenities: boat launch (fee applies), docking, fuel (high test and diesel) and washroom

Prinyer’s Cove Launch

Location: Off County Road 7 at Prinyer’s Cove
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Rossmore Launch

Location: Ridley Street North near the Norris Whitney Bridge
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Weller’s Bay Launch

Location: 158 Edward Drive, South Park
Amenities: boat launch and washroom

Wellington Beach Launch

Location: Beach Street, Wellington
Amenities: boat launch, washrooms

Wellington Marina

Location: 151 Main Street, Wellington
Amenities: boat launch (fee applies), dock, fuel and washrooms

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaks and canoes can be launched from any of these locations, but also click here for information at Quinte Conservation for other possible locations at conservation areas such as:

  • HJ McFarland
  • Little Bluff
  • Massassauga Point
  • Milford Mill Pond