Filming & Photography

When it can be accommodated, filming and photography can be arranged at the County Museums (for filming, please see our Filming Guidelines)

Several of the Museums operate in park-like settings and are often host to impromptu outdoor photography sessions both during and outside of museum operating hours. The Museums rely on volunteers to keep our grounds beautiful. Please consider making a donation to the site if you plan on using the museum properties for a photography session.

All Museums - Filming & Photography Fees    
Filming-Site Rental within normal business hours (per business day) $1,000.00 Tax Incl.
Filming Site Rental within normal business hours (per hour) $145.00 Tax Incl.
Filming-Site Preparation/Take Down within normal business hours (per day) $500.00 Tax Incl.
Filming and Site Preparation/Take Down-Per hour after hours (premium rate in addition per hour/day) $35.00 Tax Incl.
Photos Interior of Museum (weddings, anniversary, etc.) Per Hour $20.00 Tax Incl.
Photos on Museum Grounds Donation  

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