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Hessians of Prince Edward County

Macaulay Heritage Park

23 Church Street, Picton

The County's Loyalist settlers in the late 1700s were accompanied by that of approximately 40 Hessian (German) soldiers, who also fought for Britain during the American Revolution. As a result, the County can claim to be one of the earliest German-speaking communities in Canada, albeit a small one and only for a short period of time. This exhibit focuses on those early German settlers, and the influence they had on the County's development.


County Curiosities: A Collection of Weird and Wonderful Objects

Wellington Heritage Museum

290 Main Street, Wellington

You can collect a lot of stuff in 50 years, and while most of the nearly 50,000 pieces in our collection are relatively commonplace, and representative of their time in history, there are some items that fall outside the realm of ‘normal’. These are pieces that, to a modern viewer, exemplify some of the peculiarities of the County’s former residents. Take a step into Prince Edward County’s past by examining some of the most curious objects that have made their way into our collection.



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The Indigenous Peoples of Prince Edward County (Permanent)

‌Macaulay Heritage Park

23 Church Street, Picton

The County's human history spans nearly 12,000 years. However, in the past our museums have focused almost solely on the last two centuries, and the story of white Loyalists, who arrived in Prince Edward County in the late 1700s, and their descendants. It is the duty of the County Museums to preserve the County’s history truthfully, and as completely as we can, and this permanent exhibit dedicated to the story of Prince Edward County’s Indigenous peoples provides an opportunity to collaborate with our neighbours at Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, and acquaint our visitors with an undertold story from this region's past, present, and future.





“Dutch Heritage in Prince Edward County”

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