Farming Assistance Grant Program

The municipality offers a grant program to assist young and new farmers in Prince Edward County. The grant aims to support young and new farmers who have been negatively impacted by property tax increases as a result of a rise in farmland property assessments.

The grant will be administered by the County Cultivation Corporation.

Grant Amount

Eligible farmers will receive a minimum of $300 up to a maximum of 20% of the annual municipal farm tax bill, whichever is greater. The grant amount is calculated based on the farmland portion of the young or new farmer’s municipal tax bill.

Eligibility Criteria

Young and new farmers are eligible to receive a grant if:

  • They are between the ages of 18 and 39 on January 1 of the year that the grant will be provided, or they have been farming for less than seven years, as determined by their Farm Business Number. 
  • They possess or they have pre-registered for a Farm Business Registration number, and engaged in farming activities on the farmland that the grant is being requested for.   
  • Their primary occupation is farming.

    Please note
    : “primary occupation” is defined as the occupation that applicants identify as their top priority, regardless of income. The County acknowledges that many new or young farmers who identify farming as their primary occupation may be required to hold other employment.

A farm will be eligible for a grant if the farm ownership structure is as follows:

  • The young or new farmer is the sole proprietor; or,
  • The young or new farmer is a partner in a partnership; or,
  • The young or new farmer is a shareholder in a farming corporation.

Application Process

Details about the 2019 application process will be posted here when they become available.


For more information, please contact 613.476.2148 ext. 1503 or email


Farming Assistance Ad-Hoc Committee

The Farming Assistance Ad-Hoc Committee, established by County Council in March 2018, developed the grant program. The ad-hoc committee included members of the Agriculture Advisory Committee, a member of the National Farmers Union, and a County councillor.

The committee met five times from May-June 2018 to develop the program. View the agendas and minutes from those meetings

The final report of the Farming Assistance Ad-Hoc Committee came before Committee of the Whole on July 12, 2018. 

Download the presentation of Farming Assistance Ad-Hoc Committee ‌ 


County Cultivation Corporation 

The County Cultivation Corporation will disburse the grants to young and new farmers who qualify. Council approved the establishment of the non-share capital corporation in May 2018. 

In addition to disbursing the grants, the corporation will assist with: 

  • Promoting the establishment, growth, and development of farms and businesses in Prince Edward County;
  • Providing financial assistance to farmers, entrepreneurs, and businesses in Prince Edward County;
  • Delivering grants in support of community improvement initiatives, sustainability challenges and built heritage in Prince Edward County.

Council report regarding County Cultivation Corporation

The County Cultivation Corporation consists of four directors. The Current directors are:

  • Mayor Steve Ferguson
  • Councillor Bill Roberts
  • Robert Quaiff
  • Steve Graham