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Farm Tax Ratio

County Council must pass a by-law each year to set the property class tax ratios. Tax ratios distribute the tax burden between property classes. When setting the tax ratios, Council can either:

• Maintain the previous year’s property class tax ratios for the current tax year.

• Establish a new tax ratio for any class that is closer to or within the ranges of fairness set out by the Province of Ontario.

• Adopt a revised 'revenue neutral tax ratio' to mitigate the impact of property value reassessment.

At the Committee of the Whole meeting held on Nov. 16, 2017, the Prince Edward Federation of Agriculture (PEFA) made a delegation requesting that Council reduce the farm tax ratio from the current 25% of the residential rate to 20% for 2018 and beyond.

Council received PEFA’s delegation and asked staff to provide a report in January 2018 examining the possible implications of reducing the farm tax ratio to 20% of the residential rate.

Click here to view the Farm Tax Ratio Analysis.

Special Committee of the Whole Meeting

Mayor Robert Quaiff has called a special Committee of the Whole meeting to receive comments from the public regarding the farm tax ratio issue. The meeting will take place:

Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 
Prince Edward Community Centre – Rotary Hall
375 Picton Main Street, Picton, Ontario
View the agenda: 

Please note: A live stream or recording of this meeting will not be available due to the venue. 


Past Public Consultations

Below you will find information relating to recently held public consultations and projects undergoing development and still open for comment. 

Development Charges By-Law

The County is working with Watson and Associates to create the new development charges by-law. The consulting firm has written a draft background study. The background study documents the anticipated development, increase in needs for services, capital cost estimates, and policies for imposing the charges.

The County of Prince Edward hosted public consultations for the new development charges by-law:

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017 
Wellington and District Community Centre – Rotary Hall
111 Belleville Street, Wellington, Ontario

• 10 am – Consultation with developers
• 2 pm – Consultation with agriculture and affordable housing stakeholders, and campground and trailer park owners and operators. 

The sessions provided more information about the study's recommendations. County staff and representatives from Watson and Associates were available to answer questions.

Watson and Associates prepared several summaries of the current development charges policies and the proposed changes in the development charges background study.

Development Charges Summary for Agriculture Stakeholders

Development Charges Summary for Affordable Housing Stakeholders

Development Charges Summary for Campground and Trailer Park Owners and Operators

More information: Contact Amanda Carter, Director of Finance, at 613.476.2148 ext. 1502 or

Picton Heights Reservoir Watermain Improvements

The County of Prince Edward hosted an open house regarding the Picton Heights Reservoir Watermain Improvement project on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. 

The County is planning for watermain improvements along Union Street, Church Street, Old Church Street, and County Road 22 in the Town of Picton. The goals of this project are to improve the security of supply to the Picton Heights Reservoir by twinning the watermain and replacing existing watermains that are near the end of their life or that need to be upsized. There will also be an illuminated sidewalk constructed along a portion of the watermain routing from London Avenue to Union Street. Construction is scheduled for January to July 2018.

The open house provided information about the project scope, schedule, and construction impacts. County staff and the design team attended the meeting to answer questions.

Open House Panels for Picton Heights Reservoir Watermain Improvement project

Comment Sheet for Picton Heights Reservoir Watermain Improvement project

More information: Contact Garrett Osborne, Development Coordinator, at 613.476.2148 ext. 2002 or