27 Jul

Here for our community: Amy Stather

Every day hundreds of people work behind the scenes to keep Prince Edward County running. Over the next several months, we will profile a few of the people that are ‘here for our community.’

We kick off the series by talking with water operator Amy Stather.

Can you start by giving a brief overview of your job?

I am a water plant operator, primarily based in the Wellington zone. I make sure safe, potable water gets to houses and businesses between Wellington on the Lake and the Wellington and District Community Centre. As we like to say in water operations, we take a “source to tap” approach to providing safe, clean, and reliable drinking water.

How long have you worked with the County?

I have worked at the County full time for just over a year now. I was a summer student in 2017 and returned as a summer student again in 2018. I decided to get my water operator certification so that I could do more and take on more responsibilities. And about a year ago, I applied and got a full time position.

What do you like most about the job?

I love that every day can be different. The job is mentally challenging. I need to be able to think, react, and problem solve. The work is really science-based, which I also enjoy.

I took environmental studies at school. A lot of what we studied and looked at was sustainability and ways to avoid damaging waterways and the natural environment. Everything we do here at the County in water operations keeps those values in mind.

I also like working in the community where I grew up. I feel that we care and look out for each other.

I grew up in Ameliasburgh, but we were on a well so it’s been interesting to learn how a municipal water system works.

How has COVID-19 impacted your work?

Before we would work in teams, but now there is a lot more individual work. We are spaced out a lot more and I am working on my own much of the time. I do miss the camaraderie.

What do you enjoy most about the County?

I am a fan of the great food. I like popping into different restaurants and coffee shops. I find it fun to visit places like Tabersnack and Slickers. I like going to the beach but I need to be strategic about when I go, especially in the summer time.

Having grown up on a farm, I like the country feel of the County. I like seeing the fields doing well and drivers respecting tractors out on the road going between fields.

Amy Stather


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